[CIG-ALL] AGU session S030 "Recent Advances in Interpretations of Tomographic Images”

Dear colleagues,

We invite you to submit an abstract to our AGU session S030 "Recent Advances in Interpretations of Tomographic Images” for the upcoming AGU2019 Fall meeting in San Francisco:

Session description:
images of (an-)elastic heterogeneity are a fundamental tool for the study of the Earth’s interior. However, interpretation of such images is
hindered by the finite resolving power of tomography and by non-linear relations between elastic parameters and other quantities of interest, such as composition, density and temperature. These relationships are not only influenced by the material properties of single minerals, but also by changes of the phase assemblage as a function of pressure and temperature. Furthermore, the anelastic nature of minerals adds to the difficulty of interpreting seismic models, as the parameters controlling
the associated increase in temperature sensitivity of the velocities are not well-constrained.
This session provides a platform to present
advances in constraining interpretations of seismic tomography. Of general interest are quantifications of uncertainties, tests of interpretations against independent datasets, theoretical results from geodynamic modelling and mineralogical studies constraining the relationship between temperature and seismic velocity.

Lorenzo Colli, University of Houston
Bernhard S. A. Schuberth, University of Munich
Paula Koelemeijer, University of Cambridge
Derya Gürer, University of Queensland

Invited speakers:
Nathan Simmons, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Yi-Wei Chen, University of Houston

Session link:

See you at AGU!

Lorenzo Colli, on behalf of all conveners