Call for abstracts Goldschmidt 2021 Session “The Earth in Transition: from pre-Plate Tectonics to Plate Tectonics”

Dear colleagues,
Please consider submitting abstracts to the following session at Goldschmidt Conference Lyon 2021 (4-9 July 2021). //Abstract submission deadline is 26 February 2021//

Theme 3: Earth’s Lithosphere through Time: from Hadean to Modern
Session Number: 3d . Title: The Earth in Transition: from pre-Plate Tectonics to Plate Tectonics.

How and when did global Plate Tectonics begin on Earth and what went before? We welcome contributions on geochemical and petrological constraints and geodynamic models focused at global recycling on Earth, at styles of global tectonics and their temporal evolution, the origin and relation of subduction to Archean crustal and mantle-derived rocks, and the Hadean/Archean record from refractory minerals such as zircon, olivine, chromite and diamond.

Conveners: Stephan Sobolev, John Valley, Alex Sobolev