AGU-SEG Geophysics of Convergent Margins - Abstracts due 4/28

Abstracts are due for the AGU-SEG Geophysics of Convergent Margins workhsop tomorrow, April 28th. We have 2 great speakers (see below) for the Geodynamics sessions and even some student/early career support.


The SEG-AGU joint workshop on Convergent Margins is an in-person workshop scheduled to take place over three (3) full days on 12–14 July 2022 at the University of Washington in Seattle , WA .

The core objective of this workshop is to bring researchers from both the SEG and AGU communities working on the Geophysics of convergent margins. We expect a broad and diverse audience drawn from domestic and international researchers, including graduate students and early career scientists who are interested in the structure and dynamics of subduction zones.

Invited Speakers for the geodynamics session:

Antoniette Greta Grima is a Post-Doctoral Fellow within the Institute of Geophysics and the Jackson School of Geoscience at the University of Texas at Austin. She is a computational Geodynamicist interested in understanding the links between deep subduction processes, slab dynamics and surface deformation. Her research uses numerical models of subduction to understand continental overriding plate deformation, subsidence, and basin formation, as well the deep slab-mantle interactions and processes such as slab orphaning.

Dr. Xin Zhou is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Minnesota (Twin Cities). He is a geodynamic numerical modeler with a strong background in geology. He focuses on using numerical models to reveal the subduction initiation processes and to integrate them with geological observations. His current research is concentrated on understanding subduction initiation, including the weakening and healing mechanisms of the lithosphere deformation, propagation of preexisting subduction zones, subduction initiation nucleated at preexisting weak zones, and geological observations of subduction initiation. His research interests also include the subduction initiation in the early Earth and the onset of plate tectonics, subduction initiation on terrestrial planets, exploring subduction initiation from a global perspective, and metamorphism and fluid migration in mature subduction zones.