Benchmark Davies et al. case 2.3: in.temperature and solver

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I am modeling a convection flow where I need to implement a viscosity-temperature dependent equation; using as a reference the script of the case 2.3 in -The 2D cylindrical shell benchmarks by Davies et al.- I wrote the equation: out.viscosities[i] = ref_visc * std::min(delta_visc,exp(A*((1.0/in.temperature[i])-1.0))); and created the new library but when I try to run the input with the new add share library I received the error: Floating point exception (core dumped) and it’s due to the (in.temperature) variable. I don’t understand very well why this division is giving me troubles, please, help me with this problem. <ref_visc, delta_visc and A are constants>
Another problem that I am having while I try to run the inputs of the case 2.1 and case 2.3 is that after the timestep 1 in the case 2.1 the solver says that did not converge. In this case I am using the viscosity-temperature dependent equation of the manual model but I can not reproduce any result. I attached the error that I received from the simulation of the case2.3 .
Please, help me with these doubts.

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