Being stuck in Postprocessing

Hi all. This is Sungho Lee.

I have experienced being stuck in postprocessing several times since I used ASPECT.

After all, a calculation is done, ASPECT writes the results, however, ASPECT does not finish writing them sometimes.

I was wondering this is from the computer dependency problem or else.

Anyone has experienced it?

I am looking forward to any comments.




Output1.png shows normal termination but Output2.png shows the status (i.e. being stuck in writing postprosseing)

Hi Sungho,
Problems during postprocessing are often linked to the file-system of the cluster. ASPECT by default uses MPI-IO to write files (i.e. instead of sending all data to one process and let it write the data all processes write the data in parallel using an MPI feature). Sometimes cluster file systems like NFS can not deal with this properly. To confirm this is the issue try the following: 1. disable the ‘visualization’ and possibly also the ‘depth average’ postprocessor. If the problem is fixed now it is likely a file system issue. 2. If it is a file system issue, activate the postprocessor again, and try setting ‘set Number of grouped files = 0’ in the visualization subsection. This will disable MPI-IO and might fix the issues. Note that now all processes will write their own file, for thousands of processes this can cause new problems (because file system do not like to write into thousands of files at the same time).

Let us know if this helps,

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Hi Rene

Thank you for your reply.

I am going to try your suggestion.

Thank you very much