ASPECT Newsletter #101

Hello everyone!

       This is ASPECT newsletter #101.

It automatically reports recently merged features and discussions about the ASPECT mantle convection code.

Below you find a list of recently proposed or merged features:

#3465: Make spacing in one file more uniform. (proposed by bangerth; merged)
#3464: Make error message clearer. (proposed by bangerth)
#3462: www: add FRES (proposed by tjhei; merged)
#3461: www: fix capitalization of ASPECT (proposed by tjhei; merged)
#3460: Fix newton tosi benchmark (proposed by gassmoeller)
#3459: Update parameter files (proposed by gassmoeller; merged)
#3458: Make parameter file update script work on Mac (proposed by gassmoeller)
#3457: Allow requests for material properties (proposed by gassmoeller)
#3456: Add material inputs and outputs n_evaluation_points() function (proposed by gassmoeller; merged)
#3455: fix trilinos amg bug (proposed by tcclevenger; merged)
#3453: Use diagonal strengthing in advection solve (proposed by tjhei)
#3450: remove deprecated deal.II pointer_matrix include (proposed by tjhei; merged)
#3449: fix GMG for compressible computations - correct_stokes_rhs() (proposed by tcclevenger; merged)
#3446: fix type of quadrature degree increase in GravityPointValues (proposed by tjhei; merged)
#3444: Rheology module for viscosity multiplication (proposed by naliboff; merged)
#3443: Add elastic plate flexure benchmark (proposed by naliboff; merged)
#3366: Specify thermal conductivities in visco_plastic material model (proposed by naliboff; merged)

And this is a list of recently opened or closed discussions:

#3463 resume computation fails with particles (opened)
#3454 problem loading initial topography (opened and closed)
#3452 Effects of prescribing an initial tpography (opened and closed)
#3451 Post-2.2 cleanups (opened)
#3448 convert ASPECT to a library that can be included in other programs (opened)
#3402 initial topography before refinement (closed)

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