ASPECT Newsletter #82

Hello everyone!

       This is ASPECT newsletter #82.

It automatically reports recently merged features and discussions about the ASPECT mantle convection code.

Below you find a list of recently proposed or merged features:

#3168: Refactor operator splitting function (proposed by gassmoeller)
#3167: Use the same initialization for operator splitting as for normal time stepping (proposed by gassmoeller)
#3166: [CI]: unify and comment files (proposed by tjhei; merged)
#3165: Fix error avmaterial (proposed by KiralyAgi; merged)
#3164: Add additional named outputs to the compositing material model (proposed by anne-glerum; merged)
#3163: jenkins: build dockerfile, build manual (proposed by tjhei; merged)
#3162: [CI]: test manual on CIG tester (proposed by gassmoeller; merged)
#3160: Remove compatibility code (proposed by gassmoeller; merged)
#3159: Add pull request template (proposed by gassmoeller)
#3157: Rename isothermal to isentropic compression (proposed by gassmoeller)
#3156: Fix manual compile by removing non-ASCII character (proposed by gassmoeller; merged)
#3155: bib: add entry (proposed by tjhei; merged)
#3154: Introduce a reset function for heating model outputs (proposed by jdannberg; merged)
#3148: New: Layered ASCII data initial composition plugin (proposed by bobmyhill; merged)
#3147: cookbook for brittle thrust wedges experiments (proposed by sibiaoliu; merged)
#3143: add Wolfgang to the list of authors in the custom spherical shell changes log (proposed by LudovicJnnt; merged)
#3142: Initial isotherm plugin (proposed by bobmyhill; merged)
#3107: move elasticity to rheology model (proposed by jdannberg; merged)
#2964: Mesh deformation (proposed by Djneu; merged)

And this is a list of recently opened or closed discussions:

#3161 Compositing material model does not allow for the underlying material models to provide additional output (opened)
#3158 adding compositional field breaks temperature solve (opened)
#3136 Finish sandbox example (closed)
#3065 Change Workflow to update /publications.html from Mendeley to direct edit of citing_aspect.bib (closed)
#2921 Remove all occurences of DEAL_II_VERSION_GTE(9,0,0) (closed)

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