ASPECT Newsletter #168

Hello everyone!

This is ASPECT newsletter #168.
It automatically reports recently merged features and discussions about the ASPECT mantle convection code.

Below you find a list of recently proposed or merged features:

#5049: improve bib file check (implemented by tjhei)
#5048: update parameters (implemented by tjhei; reviewed by gassmoeller)
#5047: Adds missed publications and new ones for January 2023 (implemented by ljhwang)
#5045: switch website to html doc (implemented by tjhei; reviewed by gassmoeller)
#5044: Avoid unneccessary copy. (implemented by marcfehling; reviewed by tjhei)
#5043: [WIP] initialize current linearization point when we refine the mesh (implemented by jdannberg)
#5041: Fix ascii data initial for two merged chunks (implemented by gassmoeller)
#5040: remove deprecation warnings (implemented by bobmyhill; reviewed by tjhei)
#5039: Field types for multicomponent incompressible and derived modules (implemented by bobmyhill)
#5038: move CompositionalFieldDescription outside Parameters class (implemented by tjhei; reviewed by bobmyhill)
#5037: fix changelog entry (implemented by tjhei; reviewed by bobmyhill)
#5035: Clarified phase / phase transition arguments and docstrings (implemented by bobmyhill; reviewed by tjhei)
#5034: added n_phase functions to PhaseFunction (implemented by bobmyhill; reviewed by gassmoeller)
#5033: [WIP] Allow phase transitions to affect viscoplastic thermal diffusivity (implemented by bobmyhill)
#5032: Increase use of parse_map in material models (implemented by bobmyhill; reviewed by MFraters)
#5031: automate citations/bibfile check (implemented by tjhei; reviewed by bobmyhill)
#5030: Docs: last batch of cookbooks (implemented by cmills1095; reviewed by tjhei)
#5029: Added field type functions (implemented by bobmyhill; reviewed by tjhei)
#5028: Remove unnecessary lines of code (implemented by gassmoeller; reviewed by MFraters)
#5027: Fix compiler warnings gcc11 (implemented by gassmoeller; reviewed by MFraters)
#5025: Slab2 model (implemented by alarshi)
#5024: add a new mesh refinement plugin for the nonadiabatic temperature (implemented by jdannberg; reviewed by gassmoeller)
#5023: [WIP] Field types for viscoelasticity and corresponding rheology and EoS modules (implemented by bobmyhill)
#5019: Some optimizations for the grain size material model (implemented by gassmoeller; reviewed by gassmoeller)
#4843: Ascii data velocity boundary conditions for the chunk_with_lithosphere_boundary_indicators geometry model (implemented by LexVerbrugh; reviewed by gassmoeller)

And this is a list of recently opened or closed discussions:

#5046 Issue on page /user/cookbooks/cookbooks/composition_passive_particles/doc/composition_passive_particles.html (opened)
#5042 “Allow fixed temperature on outflow boundaries = false” option does not work in time steps where mesh is refined (opened)
#5036 Impossible to run aspect on M1 Pro with MacOs Ventura (opened)
#5026 Remove deprecated code blocks, fix breaking changes, document before ASPECT 3.0 release (opened)
#4991 Install Trilions on Macbook pro with ARM m1 (closed)

A list of all major changes since the last release can be found at this website.

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