ASPECT Newsletter #109

Hello everyone!

This is ASPECT newsletter #109.
It automatically reports recently merged features and discussions about the ASPECT mantle convection code.

Below you find a list of recently proposed or merged features:

#3842: Timestepping: allow repeating of time steps (implemented by tjhei)
#3841: Add phases to Peierls (implemented by bobmyhill)
#3837: Fix newton solver tests (implemented by gassmoeller; reviewed by naliboff)
#3836: Cleanup some tests (implemented by gassmoeller; reviewed by gassmoeller)
#3835: Use -O3 for tester (implemented by gassmoeller)
#3834: update parameters (implemented by tjhei; reviewed by gassmoeller)
#3833: doxygen: fix image path for logo (implemented by tjhei; reviewed by gassmoeller)
#3832: Fix a couple of funny uses of \si. (implemented by bangerth)
#3831: Make cmake command UPPERCASE. (implemented by bangerth; reviewed by tjhei)
#3830: Make all captions italics. (implemented by bangerth; reviewed by naliboff)
#3829: Depth dependent viscosity input from an ascii data file. (implemented by alarshi)
#3828: New: Make thermodynamic table lookup into an EquationOfState (implemented by bobmyhill)
#3826: Changed: Multicomponent material models now assume compositional field values are mass fractions (implemented by bobmyhill)
#3825: add new vep benchmark (implemented by naliboff)
#3824: Replace header file (implemented by gassmoeller; reviewed by tjhei)
#3823: [WIP] New: Composite viscous creep rheology (implemented by bobmyhill)
#3820: New: Add Peierls exact formulation (implemented by bobmyhill; reviewed by naliboff)
#3819: Fixed material averaging in steinberger (implemented by bobmyhill; reviewed by gassmoeller)
#3818: Introduce copy_particle_handler_function to particle world. (implemented by gassmoeller; reviewed by tjhei)
#3809: corrected vof parameter typo (implemented by bobmyhill; reviewed by bangerth)
#3551: New logo (implemented by gassmoeller; reviewed by bangerth)
#3436: Qr bilinear interpolation (implemented by sac-bsa; reviewed by gassmoeller)
#3425: Add VOF Van Keken benchmark section (implemented by class4kayaker; reviewed by bangerth)

And this is a list of recently opened or closed discussions:

#3840 Add phases to Peierls creep (opened)
#3839 Add phases to MulticomponentCompressible (opened)
#3838 Add documentation for rheologies and equations of state (opened)
#3827 Check/correct how multicomponent material models average properties (by mass or volume) (opened)

A list of all major changes since the last release can be found at this website.

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