[aspect-devel] Mailing list archival

Dear all,

As we discussed a few weeks ago and as you all know, the ASPECT mailing list is going to be retired and discussions will move over to our new forum at


We have tested the forum over the last month and it still seems like an easier way to get in touch and to discuss topics. Also we were not notified of any major drawback or flaw, so we assume that you are fine with the transition. As we announced we will now retire the mailing list, and will no longer deliver emails to subscribed users. In case you forget about the transition you will still receive the auto-reply that leads you to the new forum if you try to send to aspect-devel@geodynamics.org. You will notice that all recent discussions were already copied to the forum and you can simply continue using it as you used the mailing list. Also we saw that most of you already registered (it is a 1 minute process, and you can authenticate via github, or using any email-password combination), so the transition should go smoothly.

The feedback topic about the new forum is still open (Asking for feedback about the new forum), and any further feedback or suggestions are welcome there. Of course the automatic newsletter will also transition to the forum.

This will likely be the last message on aspect-devel, and I wanted to say thank you for all the help and discussions that have improved ASPECT over the last years.

See you all on the forum,