About tpv16 in specfem3D

Dear professors,
in the process of reproducing tpv16, it is found that the number of sub faults in DATA/input_file.txt varies with the number of MPIs used:
For example, my fault grid is 1km, 40km long (40 grids), 10km wide (10 grids), the number of MPI and the number of sub-faults required by the program (the value of bc%nglob in line fault_solver_dynamic.f90:575) ) The corresponding relationship is: when MPI=6, bc%nglob=2173; when MPI=7, bc%nglob=2019; when MPI=8, bc%nglob=3321, the program fault_solver_dynamic.f90 is annotated as: WARNING: nearest neighbor interpolation, how do I determine the number of sub-faults that need to be entered in the DATA/input_file.txt file?
Thank you very much

  • this discussion went on by email with the help of Pablo and Surendra.