Hi all,

I am relatively new to SPECFEM2D and also to seismic wave propagation. I built up a model and ran a simulation. At one point, after 4500 time steps, SPECFEM2D crashes throwing the following error. I have been monitoring the wave propagation through snapshots and the crashing occurs in the middle of a particular layer. Can this be due to bad meshing? Please give me your thoughts. Thanks in advance.


Program received signal SIGFPE: Floating-point exception - erroneous arithmetic operation.

Backtrace for this error:

#0 0x7F98095B8E08

#1 0x7F98095B7F90

#2 0x7F9808CE94AF

#3 0x44EB66 in compute_forces_viscoelastic_ at compute_forces_viscoelastic.F90:570

#4 0x450C3F in compute_forces_viscoelastic_main_ at compute_forces_viscoelastic_calling_routine.F90:63

#5 0x498CC3 in iterate_time_ at iterate_time.F90:165

#6 0x402B3A in specfem2d at specfem2D.F90:381

#7 0x7F9808CD482F