2023 Interior of the Earth Gordon Research Conference

Dear colleagues,

I’m writing to draw your attention to the upcoming Interior of the Earth Gordon Research Conference, which will be held on June 18-23, 2023 at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA. Along with my fellow meeting organizers (Vice Chair Karen Fischer, and GRS Chairs Chhavi Jain and Jie Deng), I’m delighted that the Interior of the Earth GRC is returning after its Covid hiatus, with the 2021 meeting being postponed to 2023. The theme of the 2023 GRC is “Material Properties of the Mantle and Core and their Constraints, Causes, and Consequences for Earth Evolution.” The GRC will be preceded by a Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) on the theme of “Evolution of the Interior Structure of Earth from the Magma Ocean Stage to the Present.” The GRS provides a unique forum for doctoral and post-doctoral researchers to present their work and to build collaborative relationships with their peers.

Both the GRS and the GRC are now open for registration, and I encourage all members of the deep Earth research community to consider attending if you can - as many of us know from experience, this is a terrific meeting (one of my favorites!). We typically have an attendance of ~120 people, which makes for a highly collegial group and helps to cultivate community among attendees. The conference program includes a diverse range of speakers and discussion leaders from institutions and organizations worldwide, concentrating on the latest developments in the field. All attendees will have the opportunity to present posters at the meeting. Registration costs include dormitory-style housing on campus at Mount Holyoke (single rooms) and all meals during the five days of the conference (with an additional 1.5 days for GRS attendees).

We anticipate being able to provide financial support in the form of registration waivers for many or most of the student and postdoctoral attendees of the GRS/GRC, and partial travel support for students and postdocs who need this support may also be available, depending on the success of our fundraising efforts.

Meeting descriptions, along with the planned program for the GRC, can be found below.

Further information on the conference and a link to register can be found at 2023 Interior of the Earth Conference GRC (GRC) and 2023 Interior of the Earth (GRS) Seminar GRC (GRS). You can also feel free to contact me directly with any questions. Please feel free to forward this message to students and colleagues who may be interested.

I hope to see you at Mount Holyoke in June!

Best regards,

Maureen Long

2023 Interior of the Earth Gordon Research Seminar

Theme: Evolution of the Interior Structure of Earth from the Magma Ocean Stage to the Present

Meeting Co-Chairs: Chhavi Jain (Washington University in St. Louis) and Jie Deng (Princeton University)

2023 Interior of the Earth Gordon Research Conference

Theme: Material Properties of the Mantle and Core and their Constraints, Causes, and Consequences for Earth Evolution

Meeting Chair: Maureen Long (Yale)

Meeting Vice-Chair: Karen Fischer (Brown)

Sunday PM - Where is Melt Stable in the Mantle?

Discussion Leader: Joseph Byrnes (Northern Arizona University)

Speakers: Sanne Cottaar (Cambridge), Jie Deng (Princeton)

Monday AM - The Upper Mantle: Rheology, Conductivity, and (An)elasticity

Discussion Leader: Colleen Dalton (Brown)

Speakers: Kristel Chanard (Université de Paris), Samer Naif (Georgia Tech), Elvira Mulkyukova (Northwestern)

Monday PM - Mantle Convection and Mixing and the Role of the Transition Zone

Discussion Leader: Abby Kavner (UCLA)

Speakers: Benoit Tauzin (Université de Lyon), Matthew Jackson (UC Santa Barbara)

Tuesday AM - Physical and Chemical Heterogeneity and the Dynamics of the Lower Mantle

Discussion Leader: Ved Lekic (University of Maryland)

Speakers: Harriet Lau (Brown), Jennifer Jackson (Caltech), Juliane Dannberg (University of Florida)

Tuesday PM - Comparing Boundary Layers: The Lowermost Mantle versus the Lithosphere-Asthenosphere System

Discussion Leader: Maxim Ballmer (University College London)

Speakers: Zachary Eilon (UC Santa Barbara), Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni (UCLA)

Wednesday AM - Journey to the Center of the Earth: The Core

Discussion Leader: Peter Driscoll (Carnegie Institution)

Speakers: Daniel Frost (University of South Carolina), Jonathan Arnou (UCLA), Rebecca Fischer (Harvard)

Wednesday PM - Probing the Material Properties of Planetary Interiors

Discussion Leader: Brad Foley (Penn State)

Speakers: Alex Evans (Brown), Caroline Beghein (UCLA)

Thursday AM - The Early Earth and Controls on Earth Evolution

Discussion Leader: Rita Parai (Washington University in St. Louis)

Speakers: Jesse Reimink (Penn State), Peng Ni (UCLA), Yoshinori Miyazaki (Caltech)

Thursday PM - Young Investigator Presentations/Unsolved Problems and Future Directions

Discussion Leader: Rachel Bernard (Amherst College)

Speakers: Mark Panning (JPL), plus two student/postdoc speakers TBA Dear colleagues,