[0]0:Return code = 0, signaled with Aborted

Hi there,
Recently I had a problem simulating the deformation of the lithosphere under gravity :

There are no other error messages . It seems to be a problem with the parameters of the solver. My parameters are set as follows :

What is the cause of this error and how to fix it .

Please follow the directions in the manual and those given by --help when asking for help.

  1. Indicate which PyLith version you are using along with whether you are using the binary, container, or building from source.
  2. Describe what you are trying to do
  • Overview of the problem and boundary conditions (diagrams are very helpful)
  • 2-D or 3-D
  • Cell type (tri, quad, hex, or tet)
  • Type of fault: prescribed slip or spontaneous rupture
  1. Attach the PyLith parameters .json file generated by running pylith or pylith_dumpparameters.
  2. Send the entire error message, not just what you think is important (entire log is best). Attaching the file is much better than a screenshot.

Hi, Brad
Thanks for your replying.
1、 My system is ubuntu 20.04, version pylith2.2.2 .
2、 I wanted to simulate how gravity would affect the interior of the lithosphere in areas with significant differences in topographic height.
I used a 2D model, quadrilateral mesh, and set the sides and bottom as free sliding boundaries, without considering faults .
3、 In my initial simulations, I used viscoelastic materials for the entire lithosphere. Yesterday I modified the crust to an elastic material, but the initial stress state is still given for the elastic material .
The simulation ran successfully after I removed the initial stress state for the elastic material.

My guess is that you didn’t specify the initial stress properly. I suggest looking at the examples that use gravity with initial stress (examples/2d/gravity).

Hi, Brad
Maybe I didn’t make myself clear. In that example, only the initial stress is specify for elastic materials, the initial stress and initial state are specify for viscoelastic materials 。
I set the initial stress and initial state because my entire model was viscoelastic, but after changing the crust to elastic, I still specified the initial stress and initial state. Then I delete the initial state, specify only the initial stress, and the simulation runs successfully 。