Why ASPECT can't handle 180° spherical shell simulations with periodic boundaries?

Dear users
I need to to a set of simulations in a spherical shell geometry and I need periodic boundary for that. The point is that a complete spherical shell is excessive regarding a computational cost for my purpose, but i can’t also use a 90° one ( I got different results from the 360° geometry), So I think that a 180° would be the best approach, but ASPECT only support 90° periodic boundaries.

I ask why there are these limitations and if in the future it will be possible to implement 180° periodic boundaries.

Thank you in advance


Dear Francesco,

Features in ASPECT are developed by the users of ASPECT to solve particular scientific problems. If a feature doesn’t exist, it’s because none of the developers has wanted to use it enough to implement it.

The principal developers of ASPECT are happy to help users develop new features, so if you want to take this on as a project, we can answer questions, point you to the areas of the code that you will want to change, and review code that you contribute. Here is the PR implementing the quarter shell periodic boundary conditions: Quarter shell spherical periodic by kchotalia · Pull Request #3779 · geodynamics/aspect · GitHub

As an aside, your comment:

i can’t also use a 90° one ( I got different results from the 360° geometry)

is a little surprising. Simulations with different domain and boundary conditions usually produce different results.

Best wishes,

Dear Bob, thank you for your answer. I can try to implement this feature. I can try to check the commits and see what people did. if i have questions, I’ll ask

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