Visualize heating source term results as temperature

Hi all,

I realize that the unit of the calculated heating source term (e.g., radioactive heating source term) is W/{m^3}, however, in some scenarios, temperature might be more needed.

It seems that this process is related to the file postprocess/visualization/, if I am correct. I tried to modify this file to display the temperature that I wanted, but the results seemed to be inconsistent with my expectations.

Here is what I did, I modified the code on line 154 in
computed_quantities[q][index] = heating_model_outputs.heating_source_terms[q];
computed_quantities[q][index] = heating_model_outputs.heating_source_terms[q] * fe_values.JxW(q) / out.thermal_conductivities[q];

or is there another way?


Hi Xie,

can you explain a bit more what you are trying to do?

Do you want to visualize the rate of temperature change, rather than the rate of heating? As long as you include the density and the specific heat in the model output, couldn’t you just use the existing outputs and divide by (rho * C_p), for example using the Calculator filter in ParView?