The error was reported as a non-convergent problem

Dear all

I built a model with a constant velocity on the top side of the model and a Gaussian distribution of thermal anomalies on the bottom side after 10 million years. However, the system repeatedly reported an error that “The iterative advection solver did not converage”. I have changed the mesh size and boundaries of the model, but it did not work.What else should I check and correct?

I would appreciate it if anyone can answer this question

Hi Jingxue,

Welcome and thanks for posting your question to the forum. Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time picturing the details of your setup and potential underlying causes for the solver issues (there could be many).

Can you provide an example PRM file, the log.txt file, solution images, etc to help us diagnose the issue? It would also help to have a brief overview of the intended goals of your models (i.e., what are you trying to achieve) so that we can advise accordingly.


Hi John,

Thank you very much for your reply to this question. I have put my PRM file in the link. I asked my teacher, and he thought it was the problem of the velocity field that caused the non-convergence, so I uploaded the velocity profile of the last time boundary, hoping that they would have some effects.


tamu_dp_3D_rhoT.prm (9.2 KB)