Sharing of checkpoints



in the workshop we discussed a possible repository for sharing checkpoints and I am now running in the situation, that it would help me, if I could get a checkpoint from somebody. This would save me some computation time. I need an equilibrated solution for the Christensen benchmark case 2 (MHD case) for an approximate resolution of l_max=95 and N_r=96. From this solution, I would like to decrease the Ekman number stepwise to 5e-5. I don’t have anything to offer, but I am happy to share the equilibrated checkpoints which I will have obtained then.

I think it would be beneficial to have a python scripts that convert checkpoints from Magic or Calypso to Rayleigh’s file format. We have a lot of Calypso runs at Berkeley, which could then be loaded to Rayleigh. I am happy to try programming a script for Calypso but I am uncertain about the input file format.
@feathern Could you maybe point out where this information can be found.



Hi, Sebastian,

I am looking at “Physics/Checkpointing.F90” to figure out the data format (or ordering of data) of Checkpointing file, and I almost figure out the order of data.

But, I have other questions about checkpoint file.

  1. I remember that @feathern put a data to detect endian in data file. @feathern, which does data file have this endian flag?
  2. Looking at data IO for checkpoint data with “_grid_etc” postfix, this file is written by “unformatted” data, is it correct? And, it would be a little bit tricky to read this file when we transfer to computers with different endian.