Seismica journal is recruiting!

tl;dr: Seismica is recruiting for multiple volunteer roles, including handling editors specializing in computational geophysics! More information is on our website and below.

Seismica is the first Diamond Open Access Journal for seismology, earthquake science, and related disciplines. Launched in July 2022, the journal was created by a community of volunteers from all over the world. Seismica strives to be accessible, transparent, respectful, credible, and progressive.

Following a higher-than-expected rate of submissions, we are recruiting new members to join the Seismica Editorial Board for a 3-year commitment, beginning in 2024. We seek people who share Seismica’s key values and will commit to working towards a globally representative, researcher-run journal that actively supports diversity, equity, and inclusion in seismology and earthquake science. As a not-for-profit independent journal, all positions at Seismica are volunteer roles. We are recruiting for handling editors in a variety of specialties, media & branding team members, and copy/layout editors. More details on these roles can be found on the Seismica website.

We invite anyone interested to apply by 7 June 2024 to join the Seismica initiative by filling out this application form. Spread the word!

Interested candidates should feel free to contact randolph.williams[at] with any questions.