Seismic Cycles Webinar Series - THIS WEEK

Seismic Cycles Webinar Series

Week 1. The series launches this week Friday May 6 @ 9A PDTon the topic of physics-based foreshock and aftershock modeling with two 30 minute talks

  • Mainshock and aftershock sequence simulations in a nonplanar fault network
    So Ozawa, University of Tokyo
  • Rupture styles and recurrence patterns in seismic cycles linked to physical properties of the fault zone
    Shiying Nie, University of Southern California

More info: [week 1]

Week2. Next week’s webinar Friday May 13 @9A PDT features two talks on the arrest and initiation of rupture: insight from structural and frictional heterogeneities.

  • Many ways to slip: aseismic fault creep and its transition to dynamic rupture
    Sohom Ray, IIT Roorkee
  • Theoretical insights on the arrest of earthquake rupture
    Pablo Ampuero, University of Géoazur

More info: [week 2]

See the full series on our website [SC Webinar Series].