SCECCVM-H database

Recently, I have tried to use the SCECCVM-H database, but when I obtained the vx53 data package in the address "" recommended in the PyLith user manual, it showed that “The URL might be incorrect or have changed”, so I cannot find the data about the SCECCVM-H database, can you provide that or the relevant downlond address?

It looks like the Havard group has removed or moved this old version of CVM-H. I have the data files on an external hard drive, which I can make available at some point in the future (when I return to work in my office).

We are working on an updated storage scheme for seismic velocity models and a corresponding query interface. We hope to be able to support most of the SCEC CVMs with this new approach. We expect this approach will be integrated into PyLith next spring.

Your best workaround is probably to download the current CVM-H from SCEC at and extract density, Vs, and Vp on a grid of points using their software and then construct a SimpleGridDB file from the output. Note that the SimpleGridDB supports variable grid spacing, so you don’t have to use a uniform grid.