Restarting form a checkpoint, adding a compositional field after

I’m having problems adding a compositional field and running a job from a checkpoint. I’ve run a job with no compositional fields and I’m trying to restart from a checkpoint after adding a compositional field after. The job runs fine but the data doesn’t include the comp field I’ve added. (For reference, I’ve tried running a job as usual (no checkpoint), the comp field works just not when I restart from a checkpoint)


Yes, that can’t work. What value should that compositional field have anyway upon restart, if you have created the checkpoint with a simulation that does not have that compositional field?

Separately, when asking questions, try to be specific what happens. Saying “having problems” does not help understand what the issue might be unless someone already knows what it is.


@Hhalharthi20 - Adding onto @bangerth reply, can you specify exactly what you want to accomplish in your model by adding a compositional field during restart? One approach may be to write a new plugin that allows you to modify a compositional field value as a function of time (i.e., before or after restart).


In my original parameter file, I have the compositional fields but set them to false when I first ran it.
Initially, I was having problems getting my job to run the full time that I have set it, with the comp fields; It constantly fails before it’s end time. So I opted to run a job without a field, then add them in when I restart from a checkpoint. Right now, I’m just trying to add the lithosphere.

@Hhalharthi20 - I confess I am still struggling to understand exactly what you want to have happen after the restart with respect to the compositional field values. You state above that including it from the beginning is leading to numerical stability issues, so perhaps we can discuss those issues first and see if there are alternative solutions?

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