PhD and MS opportunities in Earth and Environmental Sciences at Boston College

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Boston College is recruiting motivated PhD and MS students for the coming academic year. Admitted PhD and MS students will be provided funding through a combination of teaching and assistantship or research assistantship or university fellowships.

The department has grown to 13 full-time faculty in recent years including major investments in laboratories and research infrastructure, all of which create graduate student opportunities in Climate and Environmental Change (e.g., paleoclimatology, ice sheet dynamics, fluvial & coastal geomorphology, sedimentology, oceanography, terrestrial & marine biogeochemistry, global change ecology, land-atmosphere interactions, land-ocean aquatic continuum, climate dynamics, atmospheric physics, regional precipitation, and the climate-society nexus); Tectonics and Dynamics of Earth’s Interior (e.g., isotope geochemistry and geochronology, geodynamics, structural geology, petrology, and earthquake and exploration seismology); and the integrative theme of Water throughout the Earth. In addition, the department is closely associated with Boston College’s recently established Schiller Institute for Integrated Science and Society, which provides resources and collaboration opportunities for interdisciplinary research on climate change and environmental sciences.

The PhD program provides students with the tools they need to perform novel research in the Earth and environmental sciences. The program provides our graduates with the disciplinary credibility and the interdisciplinary vision they need to advance careers in academia, government, and the private sector. This includes a rigorous exploration of the broader impacts of one’s thesis research. Students combine course work with advanced research under the supervision of a faculty advisor.

The MS program includes coursework and a research-based thesis. The curriculum is flexible, and a program that is consistent with the student’s background, and professional and research objectives, is developed by the student and his or her faculty advisory committee.

We encourage applications in any of these fields to the PhD and MS programs. For questions, please contact Prof. Noah Snyder, Department Chair, Prof. Mark Behn, Dir. of Graduate Studies, or any of our faculty. For more information, please see our department website or the Schiller website.

Degree Requirements: B.S. or equivalent degree in an appropriate field.