PETSC ERROR: Nonconfoming Object Sizes

Hello, when I run pylith to obtain subduction earthquake’s ground motions, the following error appears:

PETSC ERROR: Nonconforming object sizes

                         SF roots 0 < pEnd 4896735

I’m using Pylith Binary Version 2.2.2 on a Linux Cluster.
The mesh was built in Cubit-Trelis 16.5.
Cell type: tet.
Prescribed slip, Liu cosine function.


I attach a diagram, the tetrahedral elements on the Continental Crust has 2500m in length.

This looks like a parallel processing related error message. The binary will only work on a single compute node of a cluster. It will not work for multiple compute nodes on a cluster. If you want to run on multiple compute nodes of a cluster, you need to build PyLith from source, making use of the MPI installed on the cluster. We strongly recommend using the PyLith installer utility when building from source and consulting with the cluster system administrator on how to setup your environment.

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