NSF/USGS Internship Opportunities (including PyLith related collaborations)

NSF/USGS Internship Opportunities

The National Science Foundation and USGS collaboration is designed to encourage, develop, and facilitate research opportunities at USGS for NSF-supported graduate students. Administered as supplements to current NSF grants, a primary objective is to expose graduate students to the federal science workplace and provide career mentoring.

  • This program is open to any M.S. or Ph.D. student who is supported by an NSF grant to their advisor or another researcher.
  • The maximum amount is $55,000 for travel tuition stipend and relocation costs; up to $2500 can be used for materials and supplies, and $2500 for the Faculty Advisor to travel to USGS during the internship.
  • The internship is up to 6-months, and students can apply for second grant for an additional 6-months.

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