NASA JPL Postdoc Opportunity

Aloha friends and colleagues,

I wanted to bring your attention to a postdoc announcement at JPL that you are welcome to forward to potentially interested parties:


I would like to hire a postdoc with experience thinking about the thermal and mechanical processes within solid planetary layers (including the crust and mantle of Earth). The research will center on describing planetary ice shells, especially that of Europa, but there is no explicit need to have thought about planetary environments before for motivated applicants. The position is to explore various ice shell processes (fracturing, faulting, melting, freezing, etc.), their observable characteristics, the ice-shell environments they support, and their effect on habitability. There is the potential for some flexibility in the specific discipline and study area. As a JPL position, there may be additional opportunities for exposure to current and/or potential future missions.

The tentative deadline is 10/31, which a allows a little more than 5 weeks to apply to account for covid. The deadline may be extended if any particular potential candidate requires more time.

Feel welcome to forward this email


Dr. Samuel Howell, Ocean Worlds Scientist
Europa Clipper Project Staff Scientist
PRIME Deputy PI | Concept Scientist
Planetary Interiors and Geophysics
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory