Issue with Neumann BC and Poroelasticity


I am trying to reproduce our triad of benchmark tests with the our three field poroelasticity formation within the PyLith framework. The branch can be found here:

Despite the name, all of our benchmarks require Neumann BCs and it would be easier just to run benchmarks as fullscale tests and maybe fill in an actual pylith MMS syntax test later using one of the non physical examples. Following a reintroduction of poroelasticity / rheology IsotropicLinearPoroelasticity into the codebase to catch up with the rest of the PyLith updates, I have managed somehow to get to the point where regardless of the input value used for a Neumann BC, there is no effect on the model.

I have included the .exo mesh file, as well as the journal used to generate it, along with the .cfg file I am using for the test run. I hope this is the result of some small oversight…

Any help and / or advice would be greatly appreciated. (4.9 KB)

Robert fixed this. The issue was that the Dirichlet BC was applied to the boundary with the Neumann BC, not another boundary. The Dirichlet BC essentially prevented the Neumann BC from having any effect.