How to run a task using multiple cores

Dear Pylith team,
I try to run a task on multiple cores (my machine owns 32 cores) to speed up my simulation, but it happens some errors when i add the next words in pylithapp.cfg:
scheduler = pbs
command = mpirun -np ${nodes} -machinefile hosts
Could you help me how to modify it so that it runs on multiple cores successfully, I’ve only seen one core being used when running the task.

Thanks for your help with this issue.

The PBS (Portable Batch System) scheduler settings are for clusters that use the PBS batch queue system.

If you are running on a desktop machine without a batch queue system, simply use the command line argument --nodes=NPROCS where NPROCS is the number of processes. The parallel performance depends on the memory architecture; once the memory bus is saturated adding more processes will generally not reduce the runtime.

Dear Brad,

It works now. Thanks!

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