How to make teaching materials available

@mikinakajima in a separate post asked about teaching materials. Many of us have given short courses on ASPECT, and Juliane and Rene in particular have presentations that many of us have used as the basis for our own courses.

A question I have had for a long time is how all of this can be more efficiently be shared – we share code, and a manual, and cookbooks, but we have never found good ways to share our teaching materials. Has anyone ever given some thought to converting whatever materials we had for our courses into a shared google presentation? Then others can collaborate on adding lectures, updating code and figures, or references, and we all can use this resource without having to pass around files that are perpetually out of date with regards to other people’s extensions?

(If this was some math stuff, one might suggest putting the latex sources for the presentation into a github repository, but most of us are not using latex for our ASPECT presentations – so a cloud-based presentation seems like the best choice.)


I wonder if there is other online tools that might help? For example, a quick google landed me here:

This is far as I got. It is aimed at K-12 but maybe it is adaptable and useful or perhaps there are other similar online tools.