CIG January Announcements - Publications, Webinar, and ASPECT User Meeting

Webinar - 13 January @ 2p PT

Don’t miss our first webinar of the year featuring Raj Moulik, Princeton - Introduction to Reference Earth Models and Datasets using AVNI.

Modeling the interior structure of terrestrial planets has become one of the most computationally-intensive, big-data problems in the physical sciences with demonstrated utility in assessing hazard, locating explosions and characterizing plate tectonics. Multi-disciplinary advancements have led to a proliferation of dynamical simulations and model snapshots from seismic tomography. Reconciling seismic models and data with simulations from geodynamics, mineral physics and geochemistry is crucial for robust thermo-chemical interpretations. Such cross-disciplinary initiatives have been impeded by discrepant spatial scales, observational or theoretical assumptions, and lack of data validation algorithms. AVNI is an Analysis and Visualization toolkit for pla Netary Inferences that will handle model and data queries from the 3D reference Earth model (REM3D) project.
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ASPECT User Meeting - 19-20 January

The 3rd Annual Virtual ASPECT User Workshop will be an opportunity for all users to gather virtually to share and discuss their work and the future of the code. Register here. [more info]


Please remember to update us on your 2021 accomplishments by sending us the DOIs of your publications in the past year (2021) that used CIG community software. Your research is a strong indicator of the impact we have on the community and provides a great resource for others to find more about research applications. Look for all community publications here. Submit new publications to:

Please note the corrected date above for the webinar - Thursday January 13.