[CIG-ALL] TOMORROW - CIG Webinar Thursday, May 9 @2 pm PT, Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni - HeFESTO


HeFESTO: A tool for exploring Earth’s physical properties and their effects on mantle dynamics

Professor Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni, University of California Los Angeles

The minerals that exist at the extreme pressure and temperature conditions of the mantle and their physical properties determine the dynamics of the mantle. Both are also critical for comparison with seismic observations that put constraints on our knowledge of mantle structure and composition. We have developed a thermodynamic model of mantle minerals that allows us to robustly predict mantle phase assemblages and self-consistently their equilibrium properties. Our model is embodied in the code HeFESTo, which I will describe during this webinar. I will discuss briefly the theoretical underpinnings of our thermodynamic approach and how the code can be used. I will also discuss our latest results and focus on the effective thermal expansion of phase assemblages and their effect on convection.

Connect: https://zoom.us/j/818491291

Additional Information: https://geodynamics.org/cig/events/webinars/