[CIG-ALL] AGU 2019 session on the geodynamics of cratons

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We invite you to consider submitting an abstract in the following AGU 2019 session.

Session title: DI016. The Geodynamics of Cratons

**Session abstract: ** Being the oldest lithosphere, cratons have experienced the consequences of complex geodynamic
processes that have operated since the Archean. These thick, cold and old lithosphere provide us with a way to study the Archean earth. Moreover, their unique lithospheric properties often influence present-day lithosphere-mantle interactions. The reason
behind cratons’ long-term survival is one of the most outstanding questions in Earth Sciences and was first addressed in the mid-70s. However, a definitive explanation is still elusive. The other issues associated with the cratons, such as their origin, density
and viscosity structure, thickness, chemical heterogeneity and destructive mechanisms can be probed using numerical modeling, field data, geochemical studies and seismic imaging. Recently, the discovery of mid-lithospheric discontinuity has added more complexity
to the craton problem. In this session, we welcome contributions that intend to investigate the geophysical and geochemical problems related to cratons, both at the global and regional scales.

Session details:

Invited speakers:

Claire Currie, University of Alberta

Jeroen van Hunen, Durham University

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Jyotirmoy Paul

Attreyee Ghosh

Catherine M. Cooper