ASPECT Newsletter #68

Hello everyone!

       This is ASPECT newsletter #68.

It automatically reports recently merged features and discussions about the ASPECT mantle convection code.

Below you find a list of recently proposed or merged features:

#2732: update parameters (proposed by tjhei; merged)

#2731: Move benchmark, add test (proposed by gassmoeller)

#2730: Add test for the named additional output postprocessor (proposed by gassmoeller)

#2729: Prefer std::make_shared/unique over plain ‘new’. (proposed by bangerth)

#2728: Use std::uncaught_exceptions if possible. (proposed by bangerth; merged)

#2727: Use std::make_shared/unique instead of plain ‘new’. (proposed by bangerth; merged)

#2726: Replace invalid_manifold_id by flat_manifold_id. (proposed by bangerth; merged)

#2725: Gravity postprocessor improvement (proposed by LudovicJnnt)

#2724: Updates to the code for copying material model data into compositional fields. (proposed by bangerth; merged)

#2723: Update a few pieces of documentation. (proposed by bangerth; merged)

#2722: Replace a plain pointer by a std::unique_ptr. (proposed by bangerth; merged)

#2721: C++11-related cleanups. (proposed by bangerth; merged)

#2720: Initialize unused vector elements with signaling_nans. (proposed by bangerth; merged)

#2717: Leave a comment. (proposed by bangerth; merged)

#2716: Fix a syntactic oddity. (proposed by bangerth; merged)

#2714: Catch exceptions by reference. (proposed by bangerth; merged)

#2710: Micro-language-fix for the manual. (proposed by bangerth; merged)

#2709: Jenkins: remove label (proposed by tjhei; merged)

#2708: Balto (proposed by kneumiller)

#2707: avoid FGMRES unused argument (proposed by tjhei; merged)

#2706: cleanup function comments in (proposed by tjhei; merged)

#2704: add two merged boxes to initial lithostatic pressure plugin. (proposed by MFraters; merged)

#2702: Update initial topography documentation (proposed by naliboff; merged)

#2598: Add option to output gravity anomalies to geoid postprocessor (proposed by jaustermann; merged)

And this is a list of recently opened or closed discussions:

#2719 Question about interpolate_material_output_into_compositional_field() (opened)

#2718 Make Simulator::assemble_and_solve_composition() faster (opened)

#2715 Inconsistent code for compositional fields set by material models? (opened)

#2713 [Meta] Improve accuracy of ASPECT solutions (opened)

#2712 Better advection stabilization schemes (opened)

#2711 Postprocessing the solution to get better accuracy (opened)

#2244 Post-2.0 cleanups (closed)

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