ASPECT Newsletter #140

Hello everyone!

This is ASPECT newsletter #140.
It automatically reports recently merged features and discussions about the ASPECT mantle convection code.

Below you find a list of recently proposed or merged features:

#4418: add citations (implemented by tjhei)
#4416: Optimize elasticity evaluation in material model (implemented by gassmoeller; reviewed by tjhei)
#4415: Use precomputed mapping information during particle updates (implemented by gassmoeller)
#4414: Reduce memory allocations (implemented by gassmoeller; reviewed by gassmoeller)
#4413: nullspace rotation constraints (implemented by tjhei)
#4411: Mesh deformation: get the free surface stabilization parameter (implemented by zjiaqi2018; reviewed by tjhei)
#4410: Fixed an error message for pre-compiled headers. (implemented by alarshi; reviewed by tjhei)
#4409: Use the new stabilization interface in entropy benchmark (implemented by jdannberg; reviewed by gassmoeller)
#4408: comment on the Adiabatic plugin for Initial temperature (implemented by lhy11009)
#4407: Improve boundary checks in a number of places (implemented by gassmoeller; reviewed by tjhei)
#4406: Respect manifold for heat flux map postprocessor output (implemented by gassmoeller; reviewed by tjhei)
#4399: Use fast path for particle advection in box (implemented by gassmoeller; reviewed by jdannberg)
#4397: GMG timings option (implemented by zjiaqi2018; reviewed by MFraters)

And this is a list of recently opened or closed discussions:

#4417 Maximum viscosity in the visco_plastic module (opened and closed)
#4412 Wrong assert throw for radiogenic heating (opened)
#4368 incorrect transformation of cartesian to spherical coordinates (closed)

A list of all major changes since the last release can be found at this website.

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