ASPECT Newsletter #138

Hello everyone!

This is ASPECT newsletter #138.
It automatically reports recently merged features and discussions about the ASPECT mantle convection code.

Below you find a list of recently proposed or merged features:

#4389: A postprocessor that determines Mobility of the lithosphere following Lourenco et al., 2020 G3 (implemented by elodie-kendall)
#4385: change spherical velocity components to m/yr from m/s if required (implemented by elodie-kendall)
#4384: remove nullspace for cookbooks/S20RTS.prm (implemented by zjiaqi2018; reviewed by gassmoeller)
#4381: remove duplicated code in mesh deformation (implemented by tjhei)
#4379: higher order mesh deformation [WIP] (implemented by tjhei)
#4377: add failing 9.3 test (implemented by tjhei; reviewed by gassmoeller)
#4373: Print solver history on failure if only cheap Stokes solver is used (implemented by gassmoeller; reviewed by tjhei)
#4369: A postprocessor that outputs the second invariant of the deviatoric stress tensor (implemented by anne-glerum; reviewed by gassmoeller)
#4360: Evaluate compositions more efficiently for particles (implemented by gassmoeller; reviewed by tjhei)
#3504: Allow disable EV for compositions at boundaries (implemented by gassmoeller; reviewed by jdannberg)
#3497: Added stabilization interface for advection assemblers (implemented by gassmoeller; reviewed by gassmoeller)

And this is a list of recently opened or closed discussions:

#4388 Can one use the Newton solver with compositing material model? (opened)
#4387 Option to prescribe spherical normal and tangential velocties individually (opened)
#4386 How to randomize initial temperature (opened)
#4383 Rename master branch to main (opened)
#4382 Temperature boudnary condition: missing Fixed temperature boundary indicators (opened and closed)
#4380 Known Issues (opened)
#4356 Compositions on particles incorrect when enabling free surface (closed)
#4349 Restart fails for large problems and deal.II 9.3.0 (closed)
#4205 newton_solver_benchmark_set issues (closed)
#4168 Outputting correct “total wall time” in log file after restart (closed)
#2803 particle changes [post switch to deal.ii 9.0] (closed)

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