Aspect @ egu2024

Dear all,

I booked a ‘splinter room meeting’ at EGU24 this year, so that we can hold an ASPECT user meeting for whoever is attending EGU in person. The meeting is listed as SPM104, is in room 2.97 on Monday 15th April in the afternoon, 16:15 - 18:00.

Is anyone on this forum attending EGU and interested in attending? Do you have any suggestions for discussions or format? Let me know if you want to help organise this session.

Best wishes,

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Hi Jeroen, I will be there!
May be worth do a quick recap of the 2023 ASPECT papers and the major features (about to be) merged?

Hey Jeroen,

I will also be there. What Cedric proposes sounds reasonable to me. Another topic could be asking what people think is currently missing from ASPECT. Given the time of the meeting, we could maybe to an ASPECT dinner afterwards if people are interested?

Hi Jeroen,

Thanks for setting this up.
These are all great suggestions for topics of discussion. (recap of 2023, recent and coming merges, and future avenues for development)

I am happy to join, and also happy to join an ASPECT dinner afterwards, if people are interested.


Hi Jeroen, hi all,

thanks for setting up a splinter meeting again, Jeroen.

I would have liked to join. Unfortunately, I have both my talk AND my poster exactly during that time slot (16:15 - 18:00).

I’ll be very happy to join for dinner though.


Hi everyone,

Thanks for the responses for the Aspect meeting at EGU24 and the suggestions for how to use the session. Another one to add could be any ASPECT-related presentations during the rest of the EGU week, which I will try to compile. So, to summarize:


  • Quick recap of the 2023 ASPECT papers (Cedric)
  • ASPECT-related presentations at EGU (Tue-Fri) (Jeroen)
  • Major features (about to be) merged (Cedric)
  • What’s currently missing in ASPECT? (Menno)
  • Any other ASPECT-related questions (Jeroen)

Menno and Cedric, are you happy to help presenting this, and provide me with (a) slide(s) about your suggestions? Or if anyone else is happy to take care of these, that would be great too.

About an ASPECT dinner on Monday evening: sounds good. But I am not 100% sure if I can attend myself, so is anyone willing to choose and book a venue?

Sasha, sorry that this meeting exactly coincides with your presentations (and surprising that your two presentations coincide: that should have been avoided).


I am not sure if I can present anything on the question what is currently missing, since I mostly intended it as an open question, but I am happy to help summarize what has recently been developed and is currently under development.

I can look for an book an place for the dinner. Let me know if anyone knows a good place!

Hi everyone,
I am also interested in attending the meeting.
However, I am not sure if I will be able to attend the dinner as the ECS GD dinner might also be on Monday.
Michael Pons

I would also like to attend the ECS dinner. When will the day of that dinner be known?

I just checked: the EGU GD ECS dinner is indeed on Monday evening (Gigerl restaurant, 18:30–22:00). I suspect that several other ASPECT people will go there as well. So should we perhaps not plan an ASPECT dinner in that case?

And to reply to Menno’s earlier post: yes, if you could summarize the recent and ongoing developments, then the ‘what’s missing?’ question can be more an open discussion.


Thanks for checking this and I agree. I would then suggest Thursday for an ASPECT dinner. Does this work for everyone? An alternative would be Wednesday.

Hi Menno,
Wednesday night is the general Geodynamics dinner (check this blog for info on EGU GD social events: Geodynamics | EGU General Assembly: Geodynamics Division), so I suggest to go for Thursday evening if enough people are able to attend. Would you be happy to book a place? And then on the Monday ASPECT meeting, we can confirm numbers.

Hi Jeroen,
Thank you for organizing the splinter meeting! I’d like to join both for the meeting and the dinner on Thursday.

Thursday, sounds good. Thank you for organizing :smile: !

I can book a place once we have the numbers on Monday, I think that should be far enough in advance.

If you can’t make it to the meeting on Monday, please let me know either on this forum or to me directly that you are planning to attend the dinner so I can take that into account :slight_smile: