AGU Centennial Session related to Louise Kellogg's Science

I would like to share with you that the AGU session focused on Louise Kellogg’s science has been approved. Note that it is a centennial theme session.

Here is a link to the session:

And the summary of the session:
Session Title:

DI018. Understanding Global Dynamics of the Earth’s Mantle: a Multi-Disciplinary Endeavor

Session Description:

As the centennial celebration for AGU draws to a close, we look toward the future of understanding the dynamics of the deep earth. Unraveling past and present global scale dynamic processes in Earth’s mantle, and how they relate to plate tectonics and other geophysical and geochemical surface observations, requires combining insights from different disciplines, all linked together through geodynamic modeling and laboratory experiments.

This session welcomes submissions that contribute cutting-edge parts to the puzzle, including but not restricted to seismic imaging, mineralogy and petrology, major and trace element geochemistry, and, importantly, geodynamical studies addressing thermo-chemical convection and mixing in the earth’s mantle, including the development of novel numerical computational and visualization methods as well as community integrative efforts. We encourage submissions embracing open, interdisciplinary systems science and representing both method development and key science advances, such as exemplified by the career of Louise Kellogg

Primary Section/Focus Group:

Study of Earth’s Deep Interior

SWIRL Theme: