Utilizing ASPECTS for thermomechanical analysis in solids (only)

Dear ASPECTS users and developers,
Hi! Hope everyone is doing all well. I am user of deal.ii and came to know about ASPECT from certain publications. It caught my eye for it’s advanced capabilities in thermomechanical modelling.
I am working on a project which involves thermomechanical analysis with following basic features so far :

  • Thermoelastoplastic simulations of solids (e.g. metals)

  • Strain rate independence

  • Material properties are temperature dependent

In the light of above mentioned requirements, would it be sufficiently enough to get benifite from ASPECT ? Thank you in advance for your expert opinions.

Best regards,

ASPECT is in many regards both a good code to learn from (extensive functionality and good documentation) and a bad one (it’s quite a large code to read through). But for your particular applicatino, it may not be the best one because ASPECT solves a fluid flow problem, not a solid mechanics problem. What is called elastoplastic in fluids is not quite the same as for solids.


Thanks Prof. Bangerth for your suggestion and clarification. Question raised in my mind because I was wondering if already thermally coupled momentum conservation equations with certain rheological models in ASPECT might be useful also for elastoplastic in solids too. But It is ok I will look for an alternative in deal.ii.
Best regards,