Nonzero traction error in spontaneous rupture model


I have modified step13 in hex8 (slip-weakening fault friction in a quasistatic problem) to build a spontaneous rupture model for my own fault. I have encountered an error regarding the tractions on the fault. The fault is planar with a fine mesh. Here’s what pylith is returning:

“terminating with uncaught exception of type std::runtime_error: WARNING! Fault opening with nonzero traction., v_fault: 1735, opening: 9.60479e-07, normal traction: -1.05722e-05”

I tried attaching the json file but I get an error saying “new users cannot upload attachments”. I can provide it via email if that would help solve the problem.

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You need to adjust the solver tolerances. See the discussion of solver tolerances in the slides of the 2017 CDM tutorial 2-D Subduction Zone: Fault Friction.

Thank you, Brad.

I have tried using the tolerances recommended in the slides but continue to get the same error. I have also tried increasing the tolerances while respecting the suggestions in the tutorial (keeping ksp_atol and snes atol larger than zero_tolerance) with no luck. Increasing the tolerance of the zero_tolerance_normal to 10^-3 made it crash much later, yet it still ultimately brought up the same error.

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