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[CIG-ALL] Request for Community input to Catalyzing Opportunities for Research in the Earth Sciences (CORES) (1)
[CIG-ALL] "Numerical modeling of earthquake physics" session at EGU2019 (1)
[CIG-ALL] EGU 2019 session: Advances in Numerical Modelling of Geological Processes (2)
[CIG-ALL] EGU 2019: Lithosphere and Upper Mantle Heterogeneities Shaping Surface Deformation and Subduction Dynamics GD5.4/SM4.15/TS9.12 (1)
[CIG-ALL] IUGG2019 session on Interactions of Solid Earth, Ice Sheets and Oceans (IAG, IACS, IASPEI) - call for abstracts (1)
[CIG-ALL] EGU session: SM7.1/ESSI1.11/GD8.8 on Computational Seismology (1)
[CIG-ALL] EGU 2019: Early Earth: Dynamics, Geology, Chemistry and Life in the Archean Earth/ GD1.2/AS4.61/BG5.4/CL1.01/GMPV1.6/TS1.6 (1)
NSF Letter on Leadership-Class Computing Allocations (1)
Community Call - Governance strategies for open source research software projects (1)
2019 Ada Lovelace Workshop on Modelling Mantle and Lithosphere Dynamics (1)
[CIG-ALL] CIG at 2018 AGU (2)
[cig-all] cig @ 2018 agu **** new day and time (1)
SSA 2019 Session Announcement: Building, Using, and Validating 3D Geophysical Models (1)
CIG Webinar (November 8, 2018): Coupling between surface processes and lithospheric deformation (1)
CIG Newsletter for November 2018 (1)
Code Review Survey (1)
Introduction to Software Licensing (1)
2018 CIG Elections (1)
Upcoming CIDER Workshop (9th of December, 2018, Washington DC) and 2019 Summer program - please mark your calendars (1)
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