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Upcoming CIDER Workshop (9th of December, 2018, Washington DC) and 2019 Summer program - please mark your calendars (1)
SSA 2019 Session Announcement: Building, Using, and Validating 3D Geophysical Models (1)
[CIG-ALL] EGU 2019: Early Earth: Dynamics, Geology, Chemistry and Life in the Archean Earth/ GD1.2/AS4.61/BG5.4/CL1.01/GMPV1.6/TS1.6 (1)
[CIG-ALL] EGU session: SM7.1/ESSI1.11/GD8.8 on Computational Seismology (1)
[CIG-ALL] IUGG2019 session on Interactions of Solid Earth, Ice Sheets and Oceans (IAG, IACS, IASPEI) - call for abstracts (1)
[CIG-ALL] EGU 2019: Lithosphere and Upper Mantle Heterogeneities Shaping Surface Deformation and Subduction Dynamics GD5.4/SM4.15/TS9.12 (1)
[CIG-ALL] "Numerical modeling of earthquake physics" session at EGU2019 (1)
[CIG-ALL] EGU 2019 session: Advances in Numerical Modelling of Geological Processes (2)